At 1house we specialise in:

* Web Design / Development
* PR / Marketing
* Graphic Design
* Digital Video
* 3D / Animation
* Photography
* Branding
* Corporate Identities
* Photo Retouching
* Image Manipulation
* Digital music

Our graphic design team have extensive experience in creating the perfect design
for any purpose. Whether you need a logo, product identity, or any of our promotional products, we cater for all your business needs. In researching your products and services, we find the best concept to help your business to grow and expand.

Within today’s business environment, “image sells”. That’s why we thoroughly research your company’s target market (demographics) to create the right corporate identity for your company or business.

The purpose of Name-Branding is to instantly convey the essence of your company’s
identity or your products and services, effectively influencing your current and potential clients. This will not only increase sales in your business, but it will also give your business
an added edge over your competitors.

We specialise in:

* Business Cards
* Name Branding
* Corporate Identity
* Billboards / Signage
* Packaging
* Letterhead
* Brochures
* Web Design
* Magazine Ads / Promotions
* Logos

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